How to manage your subscription

Follow the directions below to access your customer hub where you can update billing information, review past purchases or manage your subscription.

Access your customer hub

Method 1: Access the link at the bottom of your purchase invoice.

At the bottom of every invoice, you'll find a link that takes you directly to your customer hub so you can get started updating your details.

Method 2: Access via direct link

Step 1: Go to the customer hub by clicking the link below.

Step 2: Enter the email address you used to purchase your Little Play Club subscription. An email will be sent to you from Thrivecart (as below).

If you're unsure which email address you used or can't find the email sent after entering your email in the form above, please contact us at

Step 3: Click the link in your email to access the customer hub. From here, you can update your info, see your one-time purchases and view/edit your subscriptions.

Update your Information

Tap the 'update your info' button. Here you can update your personal information, billing address and payment details (just tap the 'update' button in blue to make those fields editable). Be sure to click 'save changes.'

Manage your subscription

Follow the steps above to navigate to your 'subscriptions' tab.

You will see three tabs titled 'Trials, Current, Cancelled' - if you're in your first month of your membership, your subscription details will be in the trials tab (as per the screenshot below).

If you're in months 2+ you will find your subscriptions tab in the current tab.

Tap on 'view' next to your Little Play Club Subscription to manage your subscription.

You will see options to update your info, view your invoice or cancel your subscription.

To cancel your subscription, tap the cancel subscription button.

Please note, as per the terms and conditions agreed to during your purchase, there are no refunds and you will lose access to all materials at the end of your current billing period.

Alternatively, you can request for us to cancel your subscription on your behalf. Please see more information about this process by visiting the link below.

If you find you can't access your account area using these steps, you have likely purchased your subscription using our old platform. Send us an email at and we can assist!

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