Connect your paypal account

Log into the affiliate dashboard by visiting the ThriveCart homepage using the link below.

Enter the email address and password you were given when you signed up as an affiliate.

  1. Once signed in you will be taken to the dashboard. Click on the products tab.
  2. Now click a product that you've signed up to promote.
  3. Click the red button Set up PayPal now. This will take you to the page where you can connect your Business PayPal account to your affiliate account so you can begin earning commissions.

  1. Click Connect your Paypal account button and follow the prompts on the page to fill in your details and connect your Paypal account.

PayPal require affiliates to have a Business PayPal account.

A Business PayPal account is required to ensure the advanced features of ThriveCart’s affiliate platform work as intended. If an affiliate tries to connect a personal PayPal account they will be advised to upgrade or connect a business account. Affiliates cannot connect a personal PayPal account.

Please note that due to restrictions set by PayPal, accounts based in India, Israel, or Japan are not compatible with affiliate payments through the system. If you reside in one of these countries, you will need to contact us to arrange an alternative payout method.

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