How to get help

If you can't find the answer to your problem here in our support library, please use the following as a guide to help find the answers you're looking for!

Have a question about our resources or how our members are using them?

Your Little Play Club Facebook Community is the best place to get your questions answered! The community is full of playful parents, caregivers and educators who are all so incredibly supportive and helpful! When you ask a question in the group, everyone benefits from the answers you receive. Chances are if you're wondering about something, someone else will be too! 

Click here to go and visit the Facebook Community.

Have a question specifically for Casey?

You can post a question right into the Facebook Community or submit a question for our monthly Q&A.

Click here to submit a question for the monthly Q&A.

Need technical or account assistance?

For any technical questions or account questions, please use the chat button at the bottom right-hand side of this page to send a support email to the team! Please note that we do not monitor our social media DMs for member or support questions so please always email rather than sending a DM.

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